Impressions from AimPoint Express

I had a chance to be in a AimPoint class this summer. The teacher at this lesson in Järviseudun Golfclub was a Finnish PGA Pro Antti Vaalas.  I highly recommend – either Your a beginner or already an experienced golfer!

Antti Vaalas at Järviseudun Golf
PGA Pro Antti Vaalas at Järviseudun Golf
2015-07-24 14.50.00
Equipment used in preparation for this lesson

As every new method, also this one needs to be practiced, but in only two hours You can get a good first impression about how to read greens by using this simple method.


Want to know more? Just read Antti´s homepage or watch some videos from YouTube 

Please be free to comment below. If You are already a user of this method, it would be nice to know how it has improved Your own skills.


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