Hartl Golf Resort at Bad Griesbach Germany – short easter trip 2017

Hartl Golf Resort in Rottal Germany describes itself at  ”Europe’s largest Golf & Quellness Resort with Wellness and Thermal Facilities”.  It is true, if you thing of how many golf courses there are in a quite small area.

Bad Griesbach area and golfcourses

Easter trip to Rottal included three golfdays. Each day we played 36 holes. We stayed at Gutschof Penning Estate, which is beside Beckenbauer Golf Course and Audi Golf Course. Hotel is very nice, and golfpackaces are in a good value. You have the ability to play 36 holes every day, but not in the same course.

Beckenbauer Golf Course and Audi Golf Course

These 36 holes are near Gutshof Penning Estate, and it is place where the Porsche European Open competition takes place every year. Hotel, Clubhouse and restaurant are great, and everything was as told and planned. Staff was also very friendly. Absolutely grade A+.

The nice view from Penning Estate hotel room to Beckenbauer Course greens 9 and 18.

Beckenbauer is designed by Berhand Langer, and it is quite challenging and long (total 6500 from white and 6078 from yellow tee). It is flat, but many water hazards make it more difficult.

Tee number 1 at Beckenbauer on early morning. It is time to start the round!
The sign tells it all! Par 4, 430/407 meters. HCP 1.
Hole number 12 approach at Beckenbauer course. HCP 4, 518 meters (champion tee).

This course gets totally 9 points (out of ten). It was already in good condition at this time of year. Great to play, quite flat and nothing spectacular views. And very helpful caddiemaster service. If you don´t have any packaces, green fee is the most expensive in this area – 89 to 99 euros. With hotelpackace, it is much cheaper.

Audi Golf Course

In the same area is Audi Golf Course. It is also Bernhard Langers handwriting,  but a bit easier and shorter than Beckenbauer (6047 / 5690 m).

Audi Course, hole number 6, HCP 1 (399 / 385 m). No pars here during three rounds 😦

As a senior player with a bit shorter drives, I liked Audi Course more than it´s sister. That is why I give it 9,5 points.

Golfplatz Brunnwies

The most stunning views are seen in Brunnwies. It is not as fun and playable as these previous two courses, but absolutely worth visiting. These kind of height differences are rarely seen – at least I had not.

Hole number 2 at Brunnwies. 403/383 par 4. Quite a downhill hit from tee.
The approach from 18th hole has a great view to the clubhouse which is really German-stylish! This course gets totally 8,5 points but the views are worth 10!

St.Wolfgang Golfplatz Uttlau

The fourth course to play was Uttlau, which is near Brunnwies in the northern part of Bad Griesbach. There are also great height differences in this course, so if you are not in a good shape, take a buggy. It is a sport performance to walk this course through.

First hole is a huge upphill par 4 (284 m).


Hole number 9, short par 3 (117 meters)


Hole number 12 has an excellent downhill teeshot. It is 459/440m m long par 5 (HCP 8).



After a round have a sit at the clubhouse and enjoy German beer or some local food! Caddiemasters were in this course very friendly and cheerful, they get 9,5 points. This course totally gets 8 points.

Quellness Golf Resort have lots of opportunities to choose as an accomodation. Totally seven hotels and gutshofs at the area – starting from 5 star Maxilimian or 4 star Fürstenhof to a bit smaller and cheaper Gutshofs.

When in northern Europe there is still cold, and the courses are closed, this is a place worth visiting. I recommend!



A shot from Audi Golf Course, hole 12, par 3, 158 m. Using ShotTracerApp.



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