Lopesan Costa Meloneras Golf


It was just 10 years ago, when I visited Lopesan Costa Meloneras Golf for the first time. Since then, this was the third spring to visit the course. Only this time there was a real chance to try some results too – 5 rounds of learning this course seems to be enough.

1200-1200-60-0-0-0 (2)

This course is not very long, only 5347 meters from yellow tee, and because there are no hard roughs, it is quite easy to reach greens in regulation even for shorter hitters.  What makes the scoring difficult here, are hard and fast greens and custy wind, which seemed to appear at least in February.  Some say, that here are the best fairways of the whole island. The course is situated on the south coast and only about a two minutes drive from the resort of Meloneras. Locals told also, that European Tour player, Rafael Cabrera Bello also plays here in his homecourse occasionally to sharpen up his game between tournaments.

Third hole, 156 meters par 3.

The front nine of the golf course is quite open, with lots of palm trees and great views of the mountains in the centre of the island. Two holes are par 3´s, where you have to hit over water. For an average golfer this makes it a little difficulty. Especially the third hole (156 m over the water hazard) is a quite challening one.


The second 9 holes are very different and more tricky because the wind can be quite strong there. You have to be smart about what club to choose and where to place your shot. Four of the holes run along the coast giving you fantastic scenes over the Atlantic Ocean, and especially hole 12, which is the courses signature hole has stunning views.

Hole number 12, 153 meters par 3. Tricky, especially when it is windy!

Even though the course was really booked-up in this high-season time, the staff was very friendly and helpful and tries to do their best. It is not easy to make the course roll when it is full of players – some with not the slightest idea of so called ”Ready-Golf”.  Rounds took this week from 4 hours to bit over 5 hours (which is in fact too much even for holiday-golf).

Greenfees are in high-season very ”salty”, but this course is worth it if playing in Canary Islands. If you live in nearby Lopesan Hotels (as we did this week) the prices are more reasonable. So what about results in the early year 2019? Yes, it was a quite steady play, especially driving even though the season is about to start – the best rounds (78, 79) were played luckily in rather calm weather. But the most valuable thing with golf was again to get some new friends all over the Europe. Nice playing partners from Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. Greetings to all of them! As a summary, I like this course and its atmosphere, and propably come back here again some year!




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