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Do apps help average golfer?

I like analyzing all kinds of golf data – that feature seems to be weard for some of my nearest and best golf colleagues. Freak – some may say! Long before there were no easy apps to help average golfer, I used to keep statistics from rounds and scores manually. Has this helped me? Yes and no! Some things are so called ”nice to know” -information, some things do really help You getting better in small steps.

There are a huge list of all kind of apps to use as a golfer these days. Some free, but most give the real advantage not until paid version. Below there is a list of 15 TOP apps for iPhone and Apple Watch, from which I have used only V1 Golf paid version. It is ok, but you still need a Pro to analyze those videos of your own swing to get better results. Tried that for i while, but was not convinced.

15 TOP apps for iPhone and Apple Watch

The only app I use daily (during golfseason) at the moment is Golf GameBook. The sad thing is, that it is available only for iPhone (and iPad). The older version was available also for Android -users.  Hopefully it is released soon for other phones too.

Golf GameBook offers also a social way to keep score in golf, allowing you to connect with other golfers and share your results, comments – also photos and videos if you like. At the moment Golf GameBook has an active and international user base in over 100 countries and it´s database covers over 95% of the world’s golfcourses. Some features of that app below.


Golfgamebook start page

You can have easy statistic e.g. from rounds, average shots (through the ages and per year), fairway hits/misshits and putts.

But now to the main question for this article! Does (and how) this or any other app help you getting better as a golfer? If you keep up scores, fairway hits and misshits, greens in regulation or putts long enough, you may notice what part of the game needs the most improvement. At least I have! It is not same, as going to pro lessons, but in a long run it helps!

If you have never ever used any golf app, try! It may give you such information from your game you have never even thought.



Physical training for Golfers

Kun  golfkausi päättyy, on hyvä talven aikana vahvistaa myös omaa fyysistä kuntoaan kotona tai salilla. Ja mitä iäkkäämmästä lajin harrastajasta on kysymys, sitä tärkeämpää on ylläpitää myös lihashuoltoaan.

Kirjoista ja netistä löytyy runsaasti materiaalia omaehtoiseen harjoitteluun. Yksi hyvä sivusto on Titleist Performance Institute TPI, johon kirjautumalla saa paljon erilaisia vinkkejä. Eikä maksa mitään!


TPI Drills & Excercises
TPI Drills & Excercises

When the golf season ends, it is a good time to start Your own physical training at home or at the gym. The older You get, the more importance it is. Take a look for instance Titleist Performance Institute TPI. Happy Training!