Is it time to consider new Irons?

That´s the question you make yourself from time to time. Either you have been using your current golf-set too long, or have jump to another level in your game or they are just so threadbare. Here is some history first!I have played myself now for almost 20 years and my current iron-set is my fourth. The first half-iron-set was Ram Laser x2 irons with Precision 6.5 shafts.

RAM  Laser X2 5-Iron
RAM Laser X2 5-Iron

The first full iron-set was bought from clearance sale late autumn 1997. It was awesome to get totally new set – Wilson FS irons. And that really engaged to start practising.

Wilson Fat Staff Irons
Wilson Fat Staff Irons









These irons served well many years, but then came a step, when golfer needs better clubs to jump to another level. So i started to look some new set somewhere year 2001-2002. Taylor Made launched their new OS (=over sized) family year 2002, and that was it! That seemed to be my set. Personal fitting wasn´t yet very popular those days in Finland – at least among large group of amateur golfers, so I ordered my set from webshop. From TGW it was possible (as it is also today) to fit your set. My set was fitted 1/2 inch longer, 2 degrees up with True Temper Dynamic Gold R300 shafts. Where those measurements came from – propably straight from TGW fitting pages 🙂

Taylor Made RAC OS irons
Taylor Made RAC OS irons were in my bag  from year 2002 to 2008

I personally fitted the first iron-set with my Club Pro – Vili Custom Golf – year 2008. It was time to go from cast irons to forged ones. Finally I ended up to Titleist, and it´s first  generation AP2´s. They were built-up with custom irons, 5.5 Project X shafts (1/2 inch longer), 3 degree up and with Decade Multi Comp grips. Great Irons – but are coming to sale sometimes next summer (if someone is interested, please contact). Irons are so far in good condition, only short iron (8-PW) grooves are not anymore as they were in new clubs (after thousands of hits).

Titleist AP 2, year 2008. Irons 4-PW


So, what next? I have liked these irons a lot, and it may be, that new Titleist AP 2 (714 series) is also my next iron set. Propably with modification to regular shafts (Project X 5.0 or something else) because the swing speed gets invitably slower when closing to senior age.

Titleist AP 2 (714)


Another option at the moment is Mizuno. New MP-15 is one alternative. It interests, because from Mizuno you can collect Your own set individually. So maybe i try the combination of MP-15 (long irons) and MP-4 (short irons).

Mizuno MP 15
Mizuno MP 15

Who knows? Foresight with Vili Custom Golf shall give me the right specs to try with and tell what to do next summer. If You want to take part of this iron conversation and give another options to consider, please leave comments!



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